Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs, Upgrades & New Systems

"Your solution to all your computer repairs & broadband installations, in Taunton, Wellington, Tiverton, Bridgwater, Burnham on sea, Chard, Crewkerne, Minehead, Yeovil and surrounding areas."

No Power or Display

If you have no power to your computer or the monitor light comes on but the computer/laptop will not switch on, this does not always mean your machine has had its day. Give us a call as it may be cheaper to fix than you think.

Windows Will Not Load

If Windows will not load and gives you the option of using safe mode, last good known configuration and other utilities that never seem to work, give us a call as we can often fix this problem without the need for re-format.


We specialise in PC and laptop repairs for the home user and small businesses. We are usually able to fix problems with your PC or laptop on site but occasionally may have to take it off-site to our repair office. We will discuss the options with you.

Windows Upgrades

Have you heard about Windows 10 and thinking of upgrading from a previous version (7, 8)?

If so, give us a call and we can offer you advice on the best system to suit your requirements.

Clunking Hard Drive/ Running Out of Space

If your hard drive is make a clunking sound it usually means it is worn out and needs to be replaced. We can back up your data and replace the hard drives and restore your data for you.

If your hard drive is too small, we can install a new one with greater capacity, or  a quicker SSD.

Computer Freezing/Blue Screen

This can be caused by overheating or faulty components and, in most cases, can be fixed on-site.

Computer Memory Upgrades

If you find yourself turning on your PC or laptop and then have time to make a drink before you can use it, you may need extra memory. This is a common problem and can easily be fixed with the installation of additional memory.

New Systems

We can supply and set up a new PC or laptop tailored to your needs and budget, We do aska deposit (See T&C) to secure your order. If specifically ordered for you (After taking your instruction) and after installation you decide it is not for you, We will NOT just take it back and give a refund, However I will try to re-sell to for you.