Computer Healthchecks

Computer ‘Health Checks’ and Servicing

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Our ‘Health Check’ Service includes:

  • A thorough cleaning of the computer both inside and out to remove dust build-up.
  • Checking and cleaning cooling fans on the processor and graphics card.
  • Looking for any obvious problems on the motherboard.
  • Hardware checks on memory and hard drive noise.
  • Performing software updates.
  • Disk scan for corrupted or damaged files & sectors.
  • Full scan for viruses, Trojans and Spyware.
  • Disk clean-up to remove unwanted internet files and cookies.
  • Disk defragment to enhance performance.

Why should my PC have a ‘Health Check’ or Service?

Periodical ‘health checks’, cleaning and servicing should be a vital element of your computer’s life. By doing this you should no longer have to put up with sluggish performance, noisy fans, overheating and possible data loss.

  • It may help avoid costly repairs or data loss by detecting failing components
  • It improves efficiency and performance.
  • It helps keep your PC running cleanly and quietly