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Terms & Conditions

"Your solution to all your computer repairs & broadband installations, in Taunton, Wellington, Tiverton, Bridgwater, Burnham on sea, Chard, Crewkerne, Minehead, Yeovil and surrounding areas."

  1. Full payment is required on the completion of work, by cash or cheque unless by prior agreement
  2. There is a minimum charge of one-hour (quoted at the time of booking) for all visits and subsequent time is then charged half hourly.
  3. Customers accept that no refund can be made for the repairs that cannot be done, due to conditions beyond our control.
  4. Our no fix no fee policy means that if an engineer does not have the necessary skills to resolve the problem then the customer will not pay, however the policy does not apply to: Where an engineer can solve the problem but is prevented from doing so by the customer, requesting him not to continue, if the customer cannot supply the relevant restore software, If the engineer has diagnosed the fault or deems the PC/Laptop not economical to repair and the customer does not wish to proceed.
  5. Customers are responsible for providing Internet account details, passwords, dial up numbers, licence keys and any other relevant information when we are installing programs on their behalf. Also it is the customers' responsibility to provide ‘licensed software' and device drivers for all repairs. If proof of ownership is in question, we may be unable to complete a repair, although our minimum charge will still apply.
  6. We cannot be responsible for the performance and integrity of any third party software and/or services including Internet providers, although our charges will still be applicable for the work undertaken.
  7. nb computing solutions under no circumstances will be held responsible for any lost or corrupt data during or after a visit. Customers should have back-ups and accept the risk of data corruption or loss, before, during or after an installation by an engineer. (Please note that only data specified on our invoice will be saved upon request from the customer, provided it is not corrupt).
  8. If the customer wishes to stop work before completion due to any reason to include time or cost (& to "carry over" on their own, the work from the engineer without him being present) the customer does so at his/her own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any subsequent issues and any remedial work will be charged at the normal rate.
  9. Upon completion of work, customers are asked to agree that the work has been done to their satisfaction, please ensure at this point that you have good understanding of the process of what we have done during the visit. If a complaint is made where remedial work is still required, please call us immediately. We will arrange for a call and/or an appointment for an engineer to ‘assess' the work originally undertaken. If the problem is beyond our control, caused by the customer or a third party or is not proven to be caused by poor workmanship, charges will be made at the normal rate per hour or part thereof for remedial work to be carried out on your behalf.
  10. We recommend specific software products to clean & prevent MALWARE infections (malicious program to include viruses, spy ware and adware). It is the customer's responsibility to protect their PC from security threats immediately after our visit and continue to update software as/when required. Failure to ensure total protection may result in subsequent re-infections and we will not accept responsibility for any recurrences after a visit.
  11. Any order for a new PC/laptop either A or B Grade will require a non refundable deposit if the customer cancels after it has been ordered, or no longer reqiures after delivery then unless faulty (Some B grades had marks of which the client is told) the amount of deposit will be dependent on the price of system ordered. If the client wants to return the item and it is found not to be faulty a restocking % will be charged if specifically ordered for them.
  12. Upon request, we will dispose of any unwanted PC components free of charge. We regret however that once removed; items will be disposed of immediately and cannot be returned under any circumstances.
  13. We do not cover damage to disk surfaces, CD/DVD-Rom/Writer drawer mechanisms caused by the customer, damage to floppy drives/CD/DVD Rom drives by the insertion of foreign objects, or damage caused to printer and modem connection leads. We will only guarantee modem/ISDN/broadband/external devices if high voltage surge protectors have been used. Also normal tear & wear, abuse of the items and operating the device beyond the normal specifications is not covered.